WhyOceans is:
Jackal Tam (Keyboard/Synthesizer)
Stanczyk Gabriel (Bass)
Tommy Chu (Guitar)
François Girouard (Guitar)
Ellison Lau (Drum/Percussion)

WhyOceans was formed in 2005, since the band has never stopped impressing crowds with their energetic and infectious live performances.

The band strives to deliver both audio and visual pleasure to audiences. With chemical reaction by different musical interests, WhyOceans has been claimed to have created a unique style of their own. Their sounds compile with different elements from Alternative/Psychedelic/Post Rock/Soundtracks.

WhyOceans has been participating in various music festivals and gigs happening in the Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. The band kicked off their first China Tour on Jun-2012, visiting five main cities in Mainland China. The band was also on the stage of international event “SpringScream Music Festival” hold in Taiwan at 2012 & 2013. They also played on the main stage of the most remarkable event “MIDI Festival”at 2013 and "Zhuhai Beach Music Festival" at 2014 in China.

WhyOcean's debut record 'At Land' is produced and published on July-2011 by Hong Kong indie record label Chopxticks Entertainments, which has presented the audience with gigs from today's famous bands, such as Mono, World's End Girlfriend from Japan and Ef from Sweden. Among the few indie record labels in Hong Kong, Chopxticks focuses on promoting post-rock music.

Second album "Inmost Dens Of Emilie" was released on May-2017. Mixing by band member Ellison. Mastering by Magnus Lindberg from Sweden.




2011年7月發行的首張專輯《At Land》,由曾邀請日本Mono、World's End Girlfriend、瑞典Ef等著名樂隊演出的香港廠牌Chopxticks Entertainments 製作及發行。Chopxticks Entertainments更是少數專門以後搖滾為主的香港獨立廠牌。

2017年5月發行第二張專輯《Inmost Dens Of Emilie》,混音由樂隊成員Ellison親自操刀,母帶製作交由著名瑞典音樂製作人Magnus Lindberg完成。